ParaNorman Gearing up for August Premiere

We are getting closer and closer to ParaNorman’s August 17th premiere, and there are all kinds of exciting things going on around the country and around the net as the anticipation builds.  This is a brief run-down of some of the things going on in the next two weeks.

  • If you’ve been watching the Olympics, you’ve probably already seen one of the two ParaNorman Olympic spots; “Champions Will Rise” & “Nailed It”.  If not (or you just want to see them again) you can view them on IMDB:
  •  The ParaNorman soundtrack by Jon Brion will be available from Relativity Music Group through Amazon on August 14th. IndieWire gave the soundtrack a great review, saying:

If we were allowed to talk about these things (which, of course, we’re not), we would say that “ParaNorman,” the new stop-motion animated film from Laika openingAugust 17th in 3D and regular cinemas, isn’t just the best animated movie released so far this year (not to mention one of the biggest surprises this summer’s dreary movie landscape has to offer) – but that it’s one of the best movies of the year, period.

  • Speaking of great reviews, posted a review online to day calling ParaNorman “the best animated movie of the year.”  You can read the full review here.
  • As we mentioned in an earlier post about the beautifully executed “2 Bit-Bub” mobile game is now available.  You can download the free iOS game from the Apple App Store. Enjoy the trailer for the game here and download it here.
  • Also, don’t forget to check for the new weekly postings of behind-the-scenes featurettes from the crew of ParaNorman!
  • Mondo Posters – These special edition posters are posted all over N.Y., L.A., Chicago and S.F. at multiple locations. These are stylish, gorgeous posters and lucky pedestrians get to take home 2 until supplies run out.  You can view the five Mondo ParaNorman Posters here. 
  • The original website has also seen a complete re-design.  Visitors can now take an interactive walk through the town of Blithe Hollow and Norman’s school and can even create their own customized and personally animated zombie.  The attention to detail and the level of user engagement in the site is amazing.
  • ParaNorman also has a lot of outdoor marketing taking place around the country, with some real stand-outs in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago & San Francisco.  There’s a spectacular & huge, digital billboard in N.Y. outside Penn Station – referred to as “Station Domination.”  City buses have been wrapped, subway stations like “Rockefeller Center” are fully ParaNorman’d.  The AMC movie theater at Lincoln Center has 3 exterior windows facing the street that have the real Norman’s Bathroom, the Babcock Kitchen and Babcock Living Room.  Pedestrians are apparently loving them and getting very close to the windows to enjoy all of the sets and puppets in their glorious detail.  In downtown L.A., The Hotel Figueroa, located across from the Staples Center and in spitting distance from the Nokia Theater, has a beautiful ParaNorman painting on its exterior and there’s a triptych near the iconic intersection of Hollywood & Highland.  In Chicago there is a mid-western “station domination” at Clark & Lake Streets & in San Francisco, also on August 1st, the Powell St. train station tunnel will be entirely wrapped in PN goodness.

A those are just some of the many things going on to build excitement for the film. If you’ve seen any other interesting ParaNorman marketing around, let us know in the comments.  And don’t forget that ParaNormanrises into theaters August 17th!

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