A Little More About “Population: 2”

A dead world, a woman surviving alone, and the coffin she brings back every evening to her home.

These are the elements that make up Population: 2, an all-Oregon project that filmed in 2010 and is screening December 8th, 2011, at the Bagdad theater.  The information for getting free tickets to the event is in a recent Confluence blog post, but unfortunately the post was a little garbled due to a browser incompatibility.  For that reason, I’ll be reposting the information here.

First though, I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you a little bit more about the project.  Population: 2 was conceived by myself, (Jonathan Stark) in 2008 as a short story about a man who is left alone at the end of the world and how he deals with that (not very well).  In 2009, director and writer Gil Luna of Moon Tribe studios picked up the piece for a rewrite and ultimately Gil Luna, Kenneth Luba (of golightlyfilms; director of photography), and myself came together to turn what had been a 10 minute short into a 60 minute film.

Of course, we didn’t do it alone.  Nearly 100 talented individuals were involved in the making of Population: 2, all of them Oregon talent.  Business owners played a strong role, too, providing access to equipment and locations.  The majority of Population: 2 features historic Oregon landmarks, such as the Shanghai Tunnels under Chinatown (specifically under Harvey’s Comedy Club), the Fairview Training Center in Salem (once known as the Center for the Feeble Minded), and the Frank Lloyd Wright designed house in Silverton.

In other words, this was a collaborative effort, through and through, and a real highlight of what a filmmaker can accomplish in Oregon, that they cannot accomplish anywhere else.  Oregon is a unique place for this art and the support of its film community, its business community, and its general population is constant and undeniable.

We’d wanted to thank that community for its role in making this film a possibility by providing tickets to the showing for free.  I hope you take advantage of this and come see the film that your community supported and your community made possible.

Thank you!


A couple things to remember…

1) Make sure you PRINT AND BRING your tickets; you won’t be allowed in otherwise!

2) If you print a ticket, please try to come! Every ticket printed takes up a seat in the theatre. At 590, they close ticketing.  And tickets are going FAST! Don’t delay!

3) We invite you to purchase food and drink at the Bagdad!  Everything that’s purchased goes towards paying for the event!  This is one way to support the film.

Actress Suzanne Tufan inside the Shanghai Tunnels, one of the many historic locations utlilized in Population: 2
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