New Details from “Paranorman” Directors on the film

Today in the online version of indieWire, there are more details on “LAIKA’s” new feature film “Paranorman”LAIKA has been at work on the project for more than a year already and the film is slated for an August 2012 vote.

Co-Directors Sam Fell and Chris Butler give some background behind the genesis of the project in the article.

“The essential story came from a ‘what if’ idea in my family that had to do with my relationship with my Grandma,” he said. “It was that, combined with the fact I wanted to do a zombie movie for kids.”

From the article:

In other words, don’t expect “ParaNorman” to be next year’s stop-motion answer to “Finding Nemo.” Both Butler and co-director Sam Fell expressed that this film is a family one in the vein of the stuff they grew up watching: “The Goonies,” “Poltergeist,” “Ghostbusters,” etc. In other words – darker and edgier fare than families are accustomed to seeing these days.

“Part of my reason for wanting to do this, is the original idea was John Carpenter meets John Hughes,” said Fell on why agreed to hop on board. “That was the driving force right from the start. I think we’ve managed to capture that.”

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