“John Gets Wasted” Coming to Hollywood Theatre

Local comedy “John Gets Wasted” will debut at the Hollywood Theatre on May 28th at 7:00pm. The movie follows the story of a man who lost his job in the recession. Deciding his straight-laced behavior did him no good at all, John launches on a journey of vice and bad decisions. At the end of the day, will he find a new outlook on life, or will he just get wasted?

“John Gets Wasted” has been in the works for nearly two years. Christopher Tucker and Will LP shot for forty days over a series of weekends, balancing the movie and their jobs at video rental store Videorama. The movie makes the most of Portland’s cinematic scenery and deep talent pool. Now that they are finished, Paycheck to Paycheck Productions is ready to present “John Gets Wasted” to the city that made it possible.

On April 23rd, the PDX Film Collective put on an advance showing of “John Gets Wasted” at PSU’s 5th Avenue Cinema. Christopher Tucker explained his plans to the packed house. His slogan was “view local,” inspired by the “buy local” movement designed to keep business within the community. Though it will be submitted to many film festivals outside the city, “John Gets Wasted” was made for Portlanders.

Christopher Tucker said his goal was to get the movie played at one of the city’s many independent beer theaters for a prolonged amount of time. His hope is that the Hollywood Theatre premiere can show how much of an interest there is in locally made comedy.

For tickets or more information, check out johngetswasted.com and facebook.com/johngetswasted.


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4 thoughts on ““John Gets Wasted” Coming to Hollywood Theatre

  1. An actor friend of mine, Jenny Bryce, has mentioned this movie but this is the first I’ve seen or heard about it otherwise. I think it’s great that there’s still such a drive to make indie movies, I’m definitely going to try to make it.

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