Oprah Network Casting Hillsboro/Beaverton Residents

Image of stylist Carson KresslyOur office was contacted by the staff of the Oprah Winfrey Network about an episode of  “Carson Kressly Is Making Over America” that they intend to shoot in Hillsboro.  We have posted the body of their flyer here.

Would you love some time and attention from America’s top stylist?

CARSON KRESSLY is on a makeover road trip across the nation and he may be coming to your town!

‐ Do you need to look fabulous for a big event?
‐ Is there something you’re avoiding or afraid to do?
‐ Making a fresh start and need a new style to match?
‐ Facing a challenge you need to overcome?

Everyone’s got something they want to change in their life, sometimes they just need a little push.

Armed with his great style and good sense, Carson is taking the nation town-by-town to help people make changes, look great and feel fabulous!

We are looking for locals in the HILLSBORO/BEAVERTON area for Carson’s new makeover show on OWN TV. If you would love to reinvigorate your look, your home or your life we need to meet you!

If you or someone you know wants to meet Carson, contact our casting department NOW!

[email protected] or 323-860-8623

Don’t wait. Casting deadline is November 8th. Call or write now!

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One thought on “Oprah Network Casting Hillsboro/Beaverton Residents

  1. I have not a web site but am interested in a (male) make-over. I haven’t seen many of them, its always the ladies whom get the attention. I was laid-off from a company back in March of this year. They offered no unemployment insurance I was an independent contractor and have been in search of work since. I’m guessing it is my appearance, my style, or maybe there are so many people in the pool that there is no chance I will get wet. ha ha ha ha.
    I have to keep my spirits up the holidays are just around the corner. As I sit here thinking of CK’s show…… I wonder……a dude having a makeover?
    Ratings! Hmmm. This could be an opportunity for me and finally get a chance to break free.
    I currently live in Forest Grove, Oregon. This is about 7 miles west of Hillsboro. I grew up and went to school there.

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