"Meeks Cutoff" gets distribution

So I was doing the Oregon Film rounds Friday night (very rare for me).  I first stopped by OMPA’s “Oregon’s Got Talent” event which was literally packed with talent.  Then I headed over to a wrap party at the North Portland Chopsticks – equally fully with creative talent.  At the party I heard producer Neil Kopp was at the bar celebrating the news that “Meeks Cutoff” got a distribution deal with Oscilloscope Laboratories.  I went looking for Neil before my curfiew of 11:00 but could not find him to congratulate him on the news.  So of course Shawn Levy scooped me today when I couldn’t confirm what I had heard.

According to the reports, “Meeks Cutoff” will be in theaters early in 2011.  Congratulations are in order for Kelly Reichardt, Neil Kopp and the entire cast and crew who made this film.  I hope they shot some behind the scenes footage because from what I hear the making of this film out in Eastern Oregon was as dramatic as most good films.  My only question is – what theater in Burns, OR is showing the film?  Here’s more information on the news of the distribution deal.  A good Friday night for Oregon’s film industry.


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