"Coraline" among the top grossing indie films of the decade

NY Film producer Ted Hope is one of the most prolific “tweeters” I know.  All of his tweets focus on either NYC or indie film.  Most of the indie film stuff is pretty insightful as Ted is well known as one of the top indie film producers in the U.S..  Anyway he posted the list of the top grossing indie films with the question – “What Do the Top Grossing Indie Films of the 2000s Reveal?”  I’m not sure I know the answer but I did notice LAIKA’s Oregon made “Coraline” made it in at #11.

Here’s the complete list if you’re interested – http://trulyfreefilm.hopeforfilm.com/2010/08/what-do-the-top-grossing-films-of-2000s-reveal.html

For those indie film makers out there, I do recommend following Ted Hope either on his Twitter Account or on his blog.  Good stuff there.


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