Portland Seed Fund – Check it out

Portland Seed Fund

Seeding Growth and Innovation in Portland

Attached is a link to information on the Portland Seed Fund. What dare you ask is this fund?

I quote:

The Portland Seed Fund is a proposed new investment fund with a mission of investing solely in early stage businesses in Portland and the surrounding region. The Fund will make investments of less than $100,000 to start-ups at the earliest stage of development, and attempt to fill the most critical gap in funding for growing companies, thereby increasing job creation among start-up firms and the pipeline of viable companies for later stage investors.

The idea of VC like investment has largely been focused on tech related activities. Well I would suggest that with the continuous emergence of digital media technologies – film and video can fit. So do you have a start up out there that fits? It may be worth checking out! And for those of you not in the Portland area, let’s convince other regions to consider this idea!

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3 thoughts on “Portland Seed Fund – Check it out

  1. I’d love to see a similar blog about the Film Crew of Oregon. Most actors are day players and have have day jobs, but Oregon’s film crew have been willing to sacrifice this by never knowing when their next job is in order to be available for Oregon’s Film Industry for months at a time. I’d be happy to write an article about them late August, early September.

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