Moon Tribe Studios Completes Principal Photography for "Population 2"

Portland's Shanghai tunnel used as a location in "Population 2."

Directed by Gil Luna, Produced by Gil Luna, Jonathan Stark, Golightly Films, Timothy Schneider. “Population 2” is a new and exciting independent film shot at historic places in Oregon. The production just finished principal photography at three of Oregon’s most historic locations; The Gordon House (designed and built by Frank Lloyd Wright), The Shanghai Tunnels and the soon to be torn down Fairview Hospital in Salem.


“Population 2” is a short film about a young woman who is abandoned in the wake of the apocalypse. Every day, Lilith wanders the remains of civilization, scavenging what she can from the deserted refuse of what was once a bustling city. Every night, she returns to her home underneath the dead city and contemplates the past that has left her alone.


There are many comments and allusions to the problems societies are facing today. It’s a very foretelling story that explores the possible outcomes with comments about the importance of energy conservation, environmental preservation and the balance that should be struck with man’s coexistence. The messages within are universal and important.


The film prompts one to explore the themes of loss and loneliness, as well as to show the consequences of the choices we make, and don’t; as a society and those consequences that could follow. It warns about the dangers of taking things for granted, including our planet.


For addtional information about the film please visit the film’s Facebook page.


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