Make A Movie About Winning $1-Million & You Could Win $15,000

Filmaka and Discover Card to Provide Production Funding

We’ve all dreamt of winning a million dollars. But have you ever really thought about what you would do, could do if you won that much money. Or maybe just dreamed of how your life could change. Think about it. One day you wake up and you’re a millionaire! That’s what is going to happen to the very lucky winner of the Discover Card Million Dollar Sweepstakes.

Digital studio Filmaka is looking for your pitches for a 2-3 minute film that depicts how winning one million dollars would change someone’s life for the better.  We’re looking for a range of ideas. The film ideas could be funny, inspirational or dramatic–but they should all be original and entertaining, must be grounded in reality and also have stopping power. The goal is for our audience to not only enjoy your film, but to pass it along to their friends. This competition is open to filmmakers from all over the world 18+, but content should be geared toward the US audience.

The finished films will be used to support Discover Card’s Everyday Giveaway where one lucky card user wins a $1,000,000 USD grand prize. That means that winning films will be seen by millions of people across a host of mass media outlets – online banners, pre-roll, in-store, and even on TV.   So show us the possibilities. What could someone do upon winning a million dollars? How would their life change for the better?

ALL PITCHES must be received by Sunday, May 2nd at MIDNIGHT PST. Get your submission in early…it will be considered as soon as it’s received.   Decisions will be made quickly as films must enter production in late May.


ANY QUESTIONS?  [email protected]

About Filmaka

Filmaka was founded by independent film producers Deepak Nayar (Bend It Like Beckham, Buena Vista Social Club) and Thomas Augsberger (Mr. Brooks). Together they produced the 2010 Sundance Hit and SXSW Audience Award-Winner Tucker & Dale vs Evil.  In addition to working with major brands and agencies, Filmaka produces feature films directed by one its members – the first film Swinging with the Finkels is premiering at Cannes this May.  Filmaka’s feature film jury includes Colin Firth, Werner Herzog, Neil LaBute   It’s free to join Filmaka, which has 30,000 members in over 150 countries:  just register at

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