Oregon-Produced "Trainmaster" Now Available in the UK

Phil Bransom’s very successful family film “Trainmaster” is now available in the United Kingdom under the name “The Railway Grandchildren.” If you’re reading this in the UK, take a look at the link and bring the film home to your family – it’s a great, heartwarming film – and it features some great Oregon locations and actors, such as Jon Ashley Hall, Mercedes Rose, Bryce Walters, Elijah Nelson, Kevin Dahlgren… and even stunt-man extraordinaire Jerry Buxbaum!

Phil is in the process of putting the finishing touches on “Trainmaster II: Jermiah’s Treasure” as I write this… He tells me that he’s planning a cast and crew premier later this month, a Portland premier in mid-summer, and a wide release in late-summer to early-fall. Be watching for it!

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