Elemental Technologies receives award for Innovation in Media Arts

It sounds like a cliché but it’s very true.  Innovation is a key ingredient to future economic growth.  This is as true in the media industry as it is any other.   Over the past few years Oregon has seen several promising media technology companies start up.  One such company is Elemental Technologies, which is headquartered in Portland, Oregon.  Founded in 2006 by CEO Sam Blackman, Chief Technology Officer Jesse Rosenzweig, and Chief Architect Brian Lewis, Elemental has raised over $16 million in financing, which has directly resulted in Elemental’s rapid ascension to become one of the world’s leaders in software designed for video content creation.  Continue reading... “Elemental Technologies receives award for Innovation in Media Arts”

Hinge Digital: Un-Hinged!


Come out for our December 10th event and see what the team at Hinge Digital has been up to recently! From sports cars, footwear and rampaging robots to cheeky space captains, this band of ex-Sony/Disney/Laika/D-Neg stand-outs bring a combination of technical know how and creative imagination that only few companies can claim in their leadership.

Come hear industry stories from  Michael, Roland,Alex & Ramiro as they breakdowns projects while you network with Portland’s finest talent in 3d animation and VFX! Continue reading... “Hinge Digital: Un-Hinged!”

First Tidbits of “ParaNorman” Marketing Start to Roll Out

It looks like Halloween is the season for LAIKA to kick off their marketing campaign for “ParaNorman”.  We found this blog post with the first poster artwork.  And yesterday they set up the “ParaNorman” twitter account.  We’ve also heard rumors that a trailer of “ParaNorman” might be showing in front of some films this weekend but we haven’t been able to confirm.  The film doesn’t debut until August of next year but it’s great to see that LAIKA is already out there drumming up an audience for this film. Continue reading... “First Tidbits of “ParaNorman” Marketing Start to Roll Out”

The Impassable Wilderness is Real!

You must watch this video!  It brings to life one of Portland’s greatest mysteries.  Thanks Harold Phillips for digging up this very important video.


And if you don’t get it – go here.

Let’s hope they make a movie out of this phenomenon! Continue reading... “The Impassable Wilderness is Real!”

Todd Haynes presents two films at the Hollywood Theatre!

Acclaimed director Todd Haynes presents two films of his choosing at the Hollywood Theatre on 10/15

(Portland, OR) September 27, 2011 – Acclaimed filmmaker Todd Haynes invites you into his subversive and surprising cinematic universe for one night only with back to back screenings of “Vertigo” and “Performance” – two movies guaranteed to twist your cinematic sensibilities into knots presented on glorious, increasingly rare 35mm.  This evening with Haynes kicks off En Route, the Hollywood Theatre’s new series featuring artists at the height of their craft presenting films that have influenced them.  Continue reading... “Todd Haynes presents two films at the Hollywood Theatre!”


Portland, OR—The Northwest Film Center is bringing Portland filmmakers into the international spotlight through its presentation of the “Made in Portland” short film program, screening in Sapporo, Japan, as part of the 6th Sapporo International Short Film Festival and Market, October 5 – 10, 2011.

Since 1971, the Film Center has worked to support and celebrate Northwest filmmaking.  The Film Center has been a source of essential funding for numerous artists, administering the Oregon Media Arts Fellowship and serving as a fiscal agent for artists seeking non-profit sponsorship.  


Lane Comunity College to Host Transit Media Arts Conference

The Lane Community College Media Arts Department and Chambers Family Foundation present the Transit 2011 Media Arts Conference from October 7-8 at the Center for Meeting and Learning, Building 19 Room 102, Lane main campus, 4000 E. 30th Ave., Eugene.
The two-day conference features a variety of experts, speakers and panelists from throughout the Western United States to present on broad range of topics from emerging trends in media arts to working in major film studios to writing scripts to the politics of the music industry. Continue reading... “Lane Comunity College to Host Transit Media Arts Conference”

Screening of “Coraline” to Benefit 3D Center

Special Screening of  Coraline 3D to Benefit the 3D Center of Art & Photography

If you missed Coraline in 3D now is your chance!

This is a one-night only screening and seating is limited to only 65 people.

When: Thursday, July 28th, 6:30pm to 10:00pm

Where: Living Room Theaters, 314 SW Tenth Avenue, Portland

Tickets: $50 per person, purchase tickets at the 3D Center, 1928 NW Lovejoy

Or call 503.227.6667 to purchase tickets by phone/credit card Thursday – Saturday, 11am to 5pm Continue reading... “Screening of “Coraline” to Benefit 3D Center”

An Interview with Will Vinton

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you know of Will Vinton. He’s the man who coined and, in 1978, registered the term “claymation” to describe his films’ use of stop-motion animated clay. He’s responsible for some of the most well-recognized ad spokesmen of the twentieth century in this style – the California Raisins and the Red and Yellow M&Ms. He’s won an Oscar and multiple Emmys; all while working from his home base in Portland, Oregon. Continue reading... “An Interview with Will Vinton”

New Details from “Paranorman” Directors on the film

Today in the online version of indieWire, there are more details on “LAIKA’s” new feature film “Paranorman”LAIKA has been at work on the project for more than a year already and the film is slated for an August 2012 vote.

Co-Directors Sam Fell and Chris Butler give some background behind the genesis of the project in the article.

“The essential story came from a ‘what if’ idea in my family that had to do with my relationship with my Grandma,” he said. Continue reading... “New Details from “Paranorman” Directors on the film”