Room to Grow • A New Family Docu-Series About Today’s LGBTQ + Teens & Their Allies.

Jon Garcia and Matt Alber are working on a new 8 episode docu-series called “Room To Grow“, about what it’s like to be an LGBT teenager today.

Why are we doing this? Figuring out who you are as a young person today can be pretty tough. Expressing it can be even tougher. It can feel exciting, awkward, stressful or even dangerous, especially when you don’t fit into the categories most adults expect. Family, teachers & clergy often want to help but they can also be sources of misinformation or even abuse, and finding a safe place to practice being yourself or even just someone to talk to can seem like an impossible task.

We have a couple of episodes in the can, and an ongoing fundraising campaign through fractured atlas where contributors can donate tax free.

Help us spread the word and please donate what you can.

Thank you for supporting Oregon Filmmakers!

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Room to Grow • A New Family Docu-Series About Today’s LGBTQ+ Teens & Their Allies
Produced by: Matt Alber & Jon Garcia
Contact: [email protected]
(503) 427-8858

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