Christian Kane Launches Kane’s Kitchen Website For New Cooking Show

Kane's Kitchen.

Kane’s Kitchen.

Christian Kane (“Librarians”) today launched a new site for his soon be released web based show, “Kane’s Kitchen“.  Kane’s popularity was evident when the site crashed twice within 12 hours of launching.  Kane’s business partner and producer on the project is Oregonian, Jose Behar (“Leverage” and “Librarians”).  The Pander Bros were responsible for the animated sequences in the trailer.

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2 Responses to “Christian Kane Launches Kane’s Kitchen Website For New Cooking Show”

  1. wahya signal says:

    As a big fan of Christian Kane, i really amaze on how this supertalented guy planning his carreer. Talented actor with so much martial art skill, amazing musician, and a chef…he is what he is. Awesome. Thank you!

  • KANE’S KITCHEN | CHRISTIAN KANE, ACTOR — July 12, 2015 @ 10:33 PM

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