Doxx Magazine Focuses On Women Documentary Filmmakers

Doxx Magazine is a new digital publication dedicated to women documentarians. The online hub is a designated and creative place for the stories, work, and thoughts of female and non-binary nonfiction media makers. To enrich the local and national documentary communities, the magazine will archive filmmakers from Oregon and beyond.

Each issue will include interviews, profiles of historic documentary legends, field notes (submit here), industry-relevant articles, and a watch-list. A short teaser issue was launched last week, and includes conversations with Directors Lana Wilson (After Tiller, The Departure) and Amy Nicholson (Beauty School, Muskrat Lovely, The Zipper, Pickle). Content will be released monthly.

Please visit and sign up to stay in the doxx loop. Email [email protected] if you’d like to contribute, comment, offer suggestions, or just to say hi.

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“Citizen Blue” (Miller, 2017), premieres at NWFC/Oct. 19, 7:00 PM

On Thursday, Oct. 19, at 7:00 PM, NWFC premieres Dan Miller’s new documentary about Oregon’s first Oscar nominated filmmaker, James Blue. Ben Popp leads the post film discussion with Dan Miller, Sheldon Renan, Richard N. Blue, Brooke Jacobson, Anne Richardson.

For more info:

James Blue (1930-1980) was on the founding faculty of AFI and was the founding director of Rice Media Center in Houston, where he also founded SWAMP (Southwest Alternative Media Project) and The Territory, a KUHT public television showcase for independent film.

Wes Anderson and Richard Linklater were born in a city James Blue had equipped with resources/inspiration for independent filmmakers.

For more info on Blue:

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Coming Soon, #OregonMade “The Competition Movie”

Thora Birch (American Beauty), and Chris Klein (American Pie) star in this #OregonMade indie feature that shot last year.  A new website has just been released and now is gearing up for a release. KPTV’s More Good Day Oregon has a first look#thecompetitionthefilm

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PIGSquad – Portland Retro Gaming Expo – October 20-22

Game developers and indie game enthusiasts, you won’t want to miss this.  When it is over, then check out the future of immersive gaming on October 23rd, with this event brought to you by PigSquad, Intel, New Relic, PANOGS, The Khronos Group,   360 Labs, and Perkins Cole.



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“Who Killed Jim Thompson The Thai Silk King” premieres at LCC in Eugene

“Who Killed Jim Thompson The Thai Silk King” premieres at LCC, Friday, October 20th, 7:00 PM, Ragozzino Performance Hall.  Paris based Director Neil Hollander will be present as will Seattle based Producer Barry Broman.  Be sure to read the BBC and Newsweek stories linked below.

Jim Thompson, The Thai Silk King

OSS agent Jim Thompson was rich.  He founded the Thai Silk Company following WWII and in 1967 disappeared without a trace.  The company he founded continues today as Jim Thompson Fabrics.  But his mysterious disappearance has never been solved, until now.

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RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARCHIVE: Unhinged (Don Gronquist, 1982)

Continuing on under the sub-heading “Hooray for Horregon,” our intrepid Raider/Contributor leads us up to the top of the SW Hills over Portland to celebrate an #OregonMade Filmmaker who the Willamette Week called “Portland’s most important forgotten filmmaker:” Don Gonquist.

The trailer pretty much sets the tone from there. “It began as an idyllic outing….”

On a clear day you can see for miles, or on the darkest night you can encounter Hitchcock-esque dysfuntionality in a true 80’s fashion. Scream-like slasher rules apply.

Phil Oppenheim takes us from here:

VHS box art — note the Pittock Mansion in the background!

Maybe it’s a good thing that the Pittock Mansion closes at 4 pm on October 31, preventing any stray Trick-or-Treaters from innocently wandering up to its stately front doors.  Thirty-five years ago three young women found themselves in the mansion, after driving their car into a ditch during a rainstorm — and were never heard from again.  Read More »

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Help Save Movie Madness!

Help Save MovieMadness!

Help the Hollywood Theatre save legendary Portland video store Movie Madness and its world-class collection of 80,000+ titles.

The Kickstarter page outlines the plan: “Movie Madness is a Portland institution. Known for its vast collection, knowledgeable staff, and display cases full of legendary film props, the iconic Belmont storefront has a deserved reputation as one of the best video stores in the country.

But now Movie Madness is in danger of closing forever. The Hollywood Theatre has the chance to purchase Movie Madness and fold it into our nonprofit, ensuring that this invaluable collection remains available to Oregonians for years to come. We must raise $250,000 by November 10 or Movie Madness will close and the collection will be sold.

With your help, we can save this important piece of Portland’s culture and ensure its collection of 80,000+ titles remains accessible to movie lovers everywhere.

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On Screen/In Person Accepting Applications

Through the generous support of the National Endowment for the Arts, Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation’s On Screen/In Person program provides all-expense-paid touring grants for filmmakers from across the country to screen their work, connect with new audiences, and participate in related community engagement events at venues throughout the mid-Atlantic region. I am writing today to share information about the program in the hope that Oregon Arts Commission will assist in spreading awareness of this opportunity as it may be of interest to filmmakers in your state.

Filmmakers selected to tour receive:

  • Six-to-ten screenings at presenting organizations across the mid-Atlantic 
  • All travel expenses associated with the cost of the filmmaker participation in the screenings are paid by Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation
  • A $200 per diem for each calendar day the filmmaker is on tour
  • A $400 stipend from each host site/screening engagement

There is no submission fee to be considered.  All films are evaluated and selected by representatives from the organizations working with Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation as screening partners who, in turn, host the touring filmmakers in their communities. 

 Applications are being accepted for the 2018-2019 season of the program through November 20th.

To learn more about the program and connect to the online application, please visit here.  

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Spotlight On #OregonMade Locations Scout – Dave Schelske

Surveyors Ridge south of Hood River (photo: Dave Schelske, NW Locations)

Location is Surveyors Ridge south of Hood River (Photo: Dave Schelske)

Dave Schelske is a local photographer, scout and certified drone operator in the Portland area with over 20 years of location experience.  Schelske – “Most of my work has been with outdoor recreation client for national print ad campagins and TV. I have a large library of backcountry locations both here in the NW and around the country.  On location is where I love to be, so when I’m not out on a job, you can usually find me out exploring new places, shooting stock images and mentally logging in new locations for future projects.”

The image you see here is one of Schelske’s  favorite out-of-the-way places, Surveyor’s Ridge, with a clear view of Mount Hood in the background.  Schelske has scouted Oregon locations for such brands as; Honda, Ford, Jeep, Lexus, John Deere, Suzuki, Nike, Puma, Adidas, Outside Magazine, Paddler Magazine and many, many more.
Want to know more? Check out, David Schelske at

(Photo: Dave Schelske)

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Writing The [email protected] Hat Books, Oct. 12, 7:00 PM

Who writes the West? Rich Wandschneider, Richard Etulain, and Anne Richardson will pool their thoughts on October 12, at 7:00 PM at Black Hat Books, 2831 NE MLK.

Richard W. Etulain is a prize-winning historian specializing in the history of the American West. He has been honored as president of both the Western Literature and Western History Associations. His most recent book is about Ernest Haycox, a Portland writer who grew up alongside a brand new art form: the Western.

Rich Wandschneider is the director of the Alvin M. and Betty Josephy Library of Western History and Culture, located within the Josephy Center for Arts and Culture in Joseph, Oregon. Strange but true: before Alvin Josephy began writing about the history of the West,  he was a screenwriter in Hollywood.

Anne Richardson is the director of Oregon Cartoon Institute/Oregon Movies, A to Z.

Join us! Everyone is welcome.

More information here.

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